Writer: Olivier Ledroit, Laurent Souille | | Page Artist: Olivier Ledroit
Genre: Fantasy, Art Book | Publication Date: December 2021 | Format: 9" X 12", Full Color, Hardcover
Page Count: 136 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 And Up) | On Sale Date: 12/22/2021 | Diamond Code: OCT211067
Price: $24.99
Our world is made up of mysterious and elusive spirits: the Elves and the Faes. Once we accept this evidence, we still have to recognize them, approach them, and sometimes be wary of them... It took our illustrator all his dexterity to be able to approach them, sketch them, and give us this guide to the most remarkable Faes and Elves. The Fairy Universe offers the reader the keys to this magical and poetic world through hundreds of drawings by renowned artist Olivier Ledroit, spread over double-pages in stunning watercolor and pencil, with illuminating words by Olivier and Laurent Souille. A MUST for illustration geeks!