Writer: Tsukasa Saimura | Cover Artist: Kozo Takahashi | Page Artist: Kozo Takahashi
Genre: Manga, Horror | Publication Date: September 2021 | Format: 5" X 7", Black & White, Softcover
Page Count: 208 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 And Up) | On Sale Date: 09/29/2021 | Diamond Code: JUL211189
Price: $12.99
Discover the BEST of GORE from JAPAN! Crueler Than Dead features fast paced and extremely graphic violence concealing none of the absolute horror...and requiring a strong heart and stomach! No one knows where it started...but when the world finally realized what was going on, it was already too late. When Maki Akagi wakes up in a lab full of corpses, she learns from a dying soldier that she is the result of a last-ditch experiment to cure humans of a virus turning them into zombies. Accompanied by a young boy who also miraculously escaped, she will have to try to get to the very center of a devastated Tokyo filled with bloodthirsty monsters. The dome located there contains the last survivors of mankind. And humanity's very survival depends solely on a few drops of this miraculous vaccine... Inspired by Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), The Walking Dead, Romero classics, and new zombie films like 28 Days Later, Crueler Than Dead delights in the meticulous gory details of decomposed flesh, with a wicked and hungry eye...evoking a modern vision of a zombie world that is terrifying, tension filled and unsettling!