Writer: Ricardo Vilbor | Cover Artist: Mario Ceballos Fernandez, Alberto Sanz Mariscal | Page Artist: Mario Ceballos Fernandez, Alberto Sanz Mariscal
Genre: Literary, Comic Adaptation | Publication Date: August 2024 | Format: 6.75" wide x 10.25" long, color, softcover
Page Count: 152 Pages | Rating: Teen (13 and up) | On Sale Date: 08/28/2024 |
Price: $19.99
A beautiful and unique graphic novel based on the classical play by Pedro Calderon de la Barca! This literary adaptation presents one of the world's great stage works in a new format, the perfect introduction for students or enthusiasts of the expanse of the comics medium. Designed to facilitate learning, the book also contains the full text of the classic work as well as a study and discussion guide!

Sigismond, Prince of Poland, has been imprisoned in a tower since the day he was born by his father, King Basilio, following a grim prophecy that the prince would bring disaster to the country and death to the King.

When King Basilio has doubts thirty years later, he finally frees his son. But, with his newfound liberation, the prince goes on a rampage, behaving like a wild animal. Captured and imprisoned once more, Basilio is able to convince Sigismond that his experiences of freedom were but a dream.

The citizens of the kingdom, however, remember the truth. Now viewing their king as monstrous for his actions against his son, they rebel, potentially setting the kingdom's fate at Sigismond's feet, a "man among wild beasts, and a wild beast amongst men."