Writer: Enrique Sanchez Abuli | Cover Artist: Eduardo Risso | Page Artist: Eduardo Risso, Leandro Fernandez
Genre: Crime, Drama | Publication Date: November 2024 (advance solicit) | Format: 6.75" x 10/25"
Page Count: 176 Pages | Rating: Mature (16 and up) | On Sale Date: 11/06/2024 |
Price: $19.99
FROM THE CO-CREATOR and ARTIST of EISNER WINNING SERIES 100 BULLETS comes a reimagining of the classic crime noir Torpedo!

In the 1930s, Lucas Torelli, known as "Torpedo", was a legend of the suburbs of New York. A tough, trigger-happy Sicilian who only knew how to make friends-anyone else is no longer here to say otherwise. Nearly forty years later, the Big Apple has changed quite a bit. Torpedo, not so much. As a persistent journalist prepares to write an article about the Caputo family, the demons of Torpedo's past resurface, along with his dirty old habits...

Collects the hit series, plus cover gallery and bonus material.