Writer: Osamu Tezuka | Cover Artist: Osamu Tezuka | Page Artist: Osamu Tezuka
Genre: Manga, Fantasy | Publication Date: August 2023 | Format: 5.75" x 8.25", black and white, softcover
Page Count: 208 pages | Rating: Ages 13 and up | On Sale Date: 08/16/2023 | Diamond Code: JUN231266
Price: $12.99
An adaptation of the Faust legend as a samurai period piece. Ichirui Hanri is an ordinary accountant servicing his lord. Though innocent, he is sentenced to death by hara-kiri after being entangled in a power struggle. A witch named Sudama appears and offers Hanri three wishes in exchange for his soul. Hanri accepts. Is it worth it?

An enchanting supernatural fable from Osamu Tezuka, known worldwide as the "Godfather of Manga" and the most influential person of the past century in the development of manga and anime.