Writer: Cedric Biscay, Tsukasa Mori | Cover Artist: Daitaro Nishihara | Page Artist: Daitaro Nishihara
Genre: Manga | Publication Date: February 2023 | Format: 5.75" x 8.25", black and white, softcover
Page Count: 232 pages | Rating: 12 and up | On Sale Date: 02/15/2023 | Diamond Code: DEC220978
Price: $12.99
Immerse yourself into BLITZ, the new shonen manga series exploring the elite world of chess, where intuition and mental agility are precious assets on the way to victory!
After the incident with Caissa, Tom's chess level has improved considerably. Back at school, he reunites with Harmony, Laurent, Saori, as well as Anne, Marius, and Zhang. These seven chess club members of the International School of Shibuya must now battle each other to determine who will qualify for the prestigious roles of school representatives to compete in the Kanto region Junior High School Tournament.

Facing skilled opponents, our heroes' abilities and characters will be put to the test... Memories, rivalries, unexpected reunions... Can the young ISS team come out victorious?

As Bonus Material included in each volume, chess games are explained move by move to allow you to better understand the strategy. To facilitate further understanding, a chess lexicon and annotations are included.