Writer: Paolo Chikiamco | | Page Artist: Carreon, Chua, Sinaban, Gregorio, Quiroga
Genre: Manga | Publication Date: November 2022 | Format: Manga
Page Count: 237 Pages | Rating: Teen | On Sale Date: 11/29/2022 | Diamond Code: AUG221022
Price: $19.99
Mythspace: Ignition Is A Graphic Novel Collection Of 6 Stories Exploring A Universe Where The Old Tales Of Monsters And Folklore Creatures From The Philippines - Tikbalangs, Kapres, Manananggals - Were Inspired By Actual Alien Civilizations. From A Young Man'S Journey Into Myth, To A Kapre War, To A Manananggal Coming Of Age, These Stories (Now Depicted In Full Color) Will Take Readers On An Unforgettable Journey Both Strange And Familiar.The collection was edited and co-created by Paolo Chikiamco and features stories from a cadre acclaimed Filipino illustrators including Koi Carreon, C.R. Chua, Borg Sinaban, Jules Gregorio, Paul Quiroga, and Mico Dimagiba.