Writer: Manix Abrera | Cover Artist: Manix Abrera | Page Artist: Manix Abrera
Genre: Fantasy, Humor | Publication Date: September 2022 | Format: 6.75" X 10.25", Full Color, Softcover
Page Count: 200 Pages | Rating: Ages 12 And Up | On Sale Date: 09/28/2022 | Diamond Code: JUL221028
Price: $16.99
ABLAZE proudly presents "14," the second silent graphic novel created by Filipino comic artist, Manix Abrera. Winner of a National Book Award (Category: Wordless Graphic Literature) in 2015, awarded by the National Book Development Board and Manila Critics Circle. 14 tells the story of a human who mysteriously discovers a 13th floor in his building and finds himself in the middle of a storytelling session among different mythological creatures of Philippine folklore. Together, with a partying crowd of supernatural beings, he listens to stories narrated by creatures such as the Manananggal, Diwata, Tikbalang, Kapre, Tiyanak, and even by a White Lady and a Doppelganger. 14 is a grand narrative of weird yet wonderful tales, humorous albeit dark and spooky, surreal but unarguably true to the emotions of the heart. Using absolutely no words in this graphic novel, Manix successfully tells the stories through careful planning of each scene and sequence. Frame by frame, panel by panel, Manix effectively renders each scene in detail and maximizes the power of images to completely convey the stories and emotions he wants to evoke in his readers. It is now up to you, the reader, to notice these details, to savor each frame, page by page until the big picture and meaning unfold sans the usual text balloons. Sounds mind-blowing!