Rating: Young Adult (13-16) | Writer: Jeon Geuk-Jin | Artist: Kamaro
Genre: Manga, Action-Adventure | Publication Date: June 2021 | Format: 5.25" X 7.25", Black & White, Softcover
Page Count: 400 Pages | On Sale Date: 6/30/21
The story of The Breaker follows Shi-Woon Yi, a timid high school student who becomes the disciple of Chun-Woo Han, a martial artist who is an enemy to the secret martial arts society known as the Murim. However, Shi-Woon is nave and unaware of his master's shady past and the unseen underbelly of the society. How will Chun-Woo manage to teach Shi-Woon and help him survive in the world of the Murim?

Originally published in South Korea, The Breaker has had international success in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Poland and more...and now ABLAZE is happy to bring the title to English language readers worldwide. Praised not only for its thrilling artwork depicting amazing martial arts action, but also gripping storyline. Ranked #4 on the 10 Best Manhwa of the Decade (According to MyAnimeList.com) The Breaker Omnibus Vol 1 is 400 pages of intense story and art!