Writer: Budjette Tan | Artists: Kajo Baldisimo | Cover: Kajo Baldisimo | Page Count: 136
Genre: Supernatural Horror, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Police Procedural | Publication Date: September 2020 | Format: 6.75" x 10.25", full color, TP
ISBN-13: 978-1-950912-19-3 | Rating: Mature | Price: $19.99 | ON SALE DATE: 9/30/2020

Award-winning Filipino comic book and soon to be Netflix anime series!

I feel like you and all the smart Filipino writers and artists out there are doing something really brave and powerful, making a whole new wave of Filipino art and story. Well done!”
– Neil Gaiman

“Trese is one of the best ongoing books in that market. It is the book I would love to write myself... they capture the true atmosphere of the Manila I know and love."
– Whilce Portacio

"Trese excites the little child in me which used to believe in the wonders of Filipino folklores, and my adult self who enjoys intelligently written and drawn tales. Budjette and Kajo's Trese is a gem."
-- Leinil Yu

When the sun sets in the city of Manila, don’t you dare make a wrong turn and end up in that dimly- lit side of the metro, where blood-sucking aswang run the most-wanted kidnapping rings, where gigantic kapre are the kingpins of crime, and magical engkantos slip through the cracks and steal your most precious possessions. When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese.

Trese Vol 1 "Murder on Balete Drive" features all new, redrawn artwork throughout, and includes a substantial bonus section with behind-the-scenes sketches, info and details on the making of the book and further insight into the world of Trese, as told by its creators Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo!

COMICS BEAT: Filipino mythology comes to the US with acclaimed graphic novel Trese

Of the series writer Tan says "When we started TRESE back in 2005, we did it for fun, because we wanted to tell stories about Philippine myth and folklore through the lens of a detective story. We photocopied 30 copies and sold it for less than a dollar. Most of copies ended up with friends. Thankfully, more people wanted to read our stories. So, we are extremely excited to have partnered up with ABLAZE and now have a chance to share with the world the wonders and mysteries of Philippine mythology to a new set of readers."


RAPPLER: 'Trese' is picked up by U.S. publisher

Trese, the graphic novel series by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo, will soon be available to readers in the United States and Canada after being picked up by US company Ablaze Publishing."