Rating: Mature (16 And Up) | Writer: Xavier Dorison | Artist: Felix Delep
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure | Publication Date: April 2022 | Format: Full Color Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages | On Sale Date: 4/20/22
"Writer Xavier Dorison and artist Felix Delep have crafted a powerful and different look and direction for this Orwell inspired book. " -geekvibesnation.com

"Felix Delep hits a home run with the art from the start! The animals are all drawn with amazing textures; it's like I can feel their fur myself just by touching the page. They look so realistic and yet... they are talking!" -THEGWW.COM

"The art showcasing these animals is perfectly done. This is a touching story that will have you feeling for these poor animals." -FIRSTCOMICSNEWS.COM

"Animal Castle is an astoundingly well-illustrated story of survival in a brutally run animal kingdom. Picture the animated film "Chicken Run", but without the laughs and antics. It's chilling and incredibly breathtaking to read. And recommended." -FANBOYFACTOR.COM

On the Farm all animals were equal. In the Castle some are more equal than others.

Trying to gain equality in the Castle has been costly for the animals. But losing sight of the end goal and doing things the proper way will cost them even more. Will Miss B. and her friends be able to win the freedoms they have been fighting for? Or will they forget what makes them different from President Silvio and become just like him?