Writer: Aurelien Ducoudray | Cover Artist: Esdras Cristobal | Page Artist: Jocelyn Joret
Genre: Action/Adventure, Horror, Fantasy | Publication Date: January 2020 | Format: Full Color Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages | Rating: Mature | On Sale Date: 01/15/2020 | Diamond Code: NOV191313
Price: $3.99
KIDZ is Stranger Things meets Zombieland on a GORILLAZ soundtrack!
These KIDZ are foul mouthed, raising hell and doing battle with the living dead!It's been three months since a terrible epidemic turned the population into zombies hungry for fresh meat. Only after devouring almost all of humanity, the undead themselves begin to wither and fall from famine... Somewhere in a suburban town, Ben, 10 years old and still traumatized by the death of his parents, forms with his friends the last bastion of humanity. And between hunting zombie survivors, expeditions to amass food, toys and comics--all filmed by the aptly named Spielberg--life flows rather peacefully in their world.

Until something worse than a nuclear disaster or the 4 flashing red rings of death on an Xbox 360 hits their small community: two girls! Accustomed to chilling by the pool, eating chocolate bars and playing video games...how will the boys react to Polly's bizarre new customs and little sister Sue?

Aurelien Ducoudray and Jocelyn Joret bring you the zombie apocalypse from a kid's point-of-view in this pop culture mash up brimming with an 80's vibe.