ABLAZE is going GUNG-HO this December!

If you like The Walking Dead, you’ll love GUNG-HO...

SEPTEMBER 18, PORTLAND, OR - ABLAZE announced today that the company will be publishing GUNG-HO by Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant.  GUNG-HO is the first title in part of an overall larger deal with leading French publisher Editions Paquet.  ABLAZE will also be bringing other select titles from Paquet to English readers worldwide.   

GUNG-HO takes place in the near future, when the "White Plague" has almost completely decimated humanity, and civilization is only a sweet memory. The world as a whole has become a danger zone, where survival is only possible within towns or fortified villages. Enter orphaned brothers Zach and Archer Goodwoody, troublemaking teens who have just arrived at Fort Apache, and about to learn the hard rules of integration into the colony. Outside the walls lies a hostile and deadly environment, but inside is also a dangerous place, as the boys are about to find out.

Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant deliver a creative and visual tour de force in GUNG-HO, with jaw-dropping artwork that will transport you to a brand new post-apocalyptic world where the tension is palpable, and the wrong move will get you killed...or worse.

Benjamin von Eckartsberg and Thomas von Kummant (creative team of GUNG-HO):

"As parents, you love your kids. But once they become teenagers they might drive you crazy. Ours sure did. Unpredictable, emotional time bombs. However, from a storyteller’s point of view they are a gift. Humans in the making. Roughly shaped, untamed. They feel important emotions for the first time, every very new experience leaves a deep impression. They have a fresh view on the world around them. The theme of GUNG-HO is not only the destructive side of youth, but also its power for renewal."

Rich Young, ABLAZE VP Creative/Business Development: "GUNG-HO grabs you immediately, and doesn’t let go.  Visually it’s an absolutely stunning book… I don’t think there is anything quite like it on the stands. And the world that Benjamin and Thomas have created is intense and immersive, with some fantastic characters. I know that others are going to love it once they get a taste!"          

GUNG-HO #1 will be solicited in the Oct 2019 issue of Diamond Previews for Dec 2019 shipping items, with an on-sale date of 12/4/19.  Issue 1 will feature cover art by Thomas von Kummant, as well as all new covers by Gerald Parel, Kael Ngu, and Dike Ruan. Retailers can reach out to Diamond or ABLAZE regarding special offers and promotions for the series, including retailer exclusive covers.

For updates, previews, and details on upcoming titles from ABLAZE, visit http://ablazepublishing.com/ and look for GUNG-HO #1 at your local comics shop December 4th!


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Benjamin von Eckartsberg, the writer of GUNG-HO, lives and works in Munich, Germany. When not writing for comic-projects, he works as a freelance illustrator, Concept- and Storyboard Artist. He loves art and good stories. For him, graphic novels are the perfect medium to enjoy both. He wrote two series for his friend Thomas von Kummant, Chronicle of the Immortals and GUNG-HO, which won numerous awards in Europe and Japan, and an adaption of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express for Chinese artist Chaiko Tsai.

Thomas von Kummant, artist of GUNG-HO, lives and works near Munich, Germany.

Besides his graphic novels, von Kummant is an illustrator for publishers and magazines, as well as a visual consultant, art director and character designer for various animation companies, such as PIXAR, LAIKA, Blur studios and many others. Together with Benjamin von Eckartsberg, he created the graphic novel series Chronicle of the Immortals and GUNG-HO, as well as a biography about the German poet Goethe.


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